I need your help


In 2016 (I know so far away) I will be at Vidcon, I wanted to create five posters to give to
1) dan and phil
2) tyler
3) troye
4) Zoe
5) Connor
To show my support for them.
But I didn’t want it to be just me so anyone who reblogs this post will be added to the posters that I will then give to them, I’ll post updates on how the posters are looking
(I’m pretty sure like no one will do this but I thought I’d do something for others)
~bye for now my lovelies~



so Taylor Swift is apparently racist? for including just black girls in her Shake It Off video just for twerking?


they aren’t girls, and they aren’t twerking?

a closer look, they are light-skinned black people, just so there isn’t confusion. oh look, the other two are on the right!



People will find any and every reason to hate Taylor Swift. She has a wonderful music video with white people, black people, hispanics, asians, etc and that’s still a problem and she’s racist because there are only white cheerleaders in this scene (I counted 5 people of color in the cheerleading…



So Taylor Swift is racist because 4/6 of the dancers who twerk in her music video are black? Do you know that the twerking started in New Orleans, where 67% of the population is black? And it became REAL popular in mainstream media during the last 3 years because of the presence in hip hop/rap…



How are people calling the video for “Shake it Off” racist?

Like the twerking bit, I see a black person, a white person, a black person and a white person?


And correct me if I’m wrong, but I see the same thing with the band:


And the dancers here are fairly diverse: